Pediatric Chiropractic


What is pediatric chiropractic?

Pediatric chiropractic is a safe and easy free way to keep your kids healthy and pain free. We are in no way suggesting that Chiropractic care should take the place of regular Pediatric checkups or treatments, but rather that chiropractic care is a completely natural way to be proactive about your children’s health. Treatments can range from spinal adjustments to educating your children on the inner workings of their own bones and muscles.

Why chiropractic for my child?

Chiropractic treatments aren’t just for children who are experiencing back pain. As your child’s body is growing there are many changes that happen with their bones and muscles, not all of which happen perfectly in sync! Due to this constantly shifting growth, as well as sports, long hours of class time, and other activities, can cause some children to have strained or tight muscles, which in turn may pull their bones out of the correct position. As an added concern, many children do not know how to correctly express the discomfort they are feeling, or may not even recognize it as abnormal. As experienced practitioners, we at the Head Neck and Spine Center can not only examine your child for all of the different alignment issues that crop up when growing, but we can also discover, track, and correct any serious postural problems that may appear (ie scoliosis, pigeon toes, etc.)


Depending on how old your child is, it may be difficult to get direct information from your child on their physical wellbeing. Here are a few symptoms that would suggest a need for treatment, as well as some kid-friendly terminology for those of you with young children:

  • Neck Pain (the space from the back of the head to the top of the shoulders)
  • Fatigue (feeling tired, sleepy, or heavy)
  • Upper back pain (the space from the shoulders to the bottom of the ribs)
  • Shoulder pain
  • Muscle weakness (feeling tired, heavy limb(s), “too hard” to use a limb)
  • Stiffness (hurts to move in a certain direction, feeling “stuck”)
  • Reduced range of motion (hurts to move in a certain direction, feeling “stuck”)v
  • Low back pain (the space from the bottom of the ribs to the end of the tailbone)
  • Numbness (“dead” feeling limb)
  • Tingling (tickling, prickling)
  • Headaches

Treatment and Recovery

Because children are so resilient they usually walk away from a chiropractic treatment reaping all of the benefits. As trained professionals, we at the Head Neck and Spine Center have years of experience treating pediatric patients, as well as the honor of treating our own friends and family! Dr. Brandon W. Goldstein’s own children have been receiving chiropractic treatments since they were babies, and both children have had better physical wellbeing and immune systems than many of their peers. If you would like to see if this could work for you, please call our office today for a free consultation for your child!