I’ve been to quite a few chiropractors in the past but was never completely satisfied with the progress or results from the treatments I was getting. I suffered from neck and back pain from an old car accident which was further irritated by extended hours working at a desk computer. Then, when I broke my ankle and was in a cast and walking boot for 4 months that threw everything off even more and I really needed to address it. I did my homework researching chiropractors here in San Diego/ La Jolla area and came upon the Head Neck and Spine Center and was excited to give it a shot. When I met with Dr. Goldstein he really took the extra time to go over everything I was concerned about and put together a treatment plan to get me pain free for good. I began treatments and I felt great results almost immediately. I’ve since worked out a lot of the issues I had and I’ve been able to get back into my normal fitness routine and feeling great! I really like that he takes the time to make sure my muscles are relaxed first so I get the best adjustment possible. Now my brother and sister both go to him and even one of my employees. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to fix a severe problem or even to just get a “tune up” 🙂

Leigh K.
La Jolla,Ca


I absolutely love this place!!

Dr. Goldstein in my opinion is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been too. I recently got in a car accident in December and was not able to work out to my full potential. However when I switched over to his practice it only took a couple of sessions to feel back to normal. To be honest, I am usually scared of being adjusted (especially neck adjustments) but now I don’t even notice when he does it! He has A LOT OF TALENT.

Thank you soo much for helping me get back to normal! 🙂

Josie W.
Del Mar, Ca


I was recently a victim in a hit and run accident a few months ago which gave me a serious case of whiplash. Not knowing anything about this type of injury I started going to Dr. Goldstein for treatment. I originally heard about his practice through my brother and sister who also go to him for past injuries as well.

Since my accident I’ve had tremendous success with healing and being pain free!!! Dr. Goldstein is very informative and takes the time to explain every question or concern I might have. The office and staff are so welcoming and very nice too! I’m so glad I was introduced to Dr. Goldstein and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

Charisse K.
San Diego, Ca


I found Dr. Goldstein’s office about a year ago after a guy plowed into me on the 5, totaled my car, and I ended up with back pain and whiplash. I had never been in an accident before so called the office and they had me come in the same day. Service was excellent and Dr. Goldstein took the time to explain to me my treatment and legal options following the accident. He referred me to a great attorney and they made sure all of my medical expenses were covered. I highly recommend him. The rest of the staff there is great as well…

Steve M.
Carlsbad, Ca


I have been a long time patient here because they are true professionals – not just great at what they do, but treat you like family. I was very cautious selecting the right doc because of my issues with my neck, and i really found the right place! I will never go anywhere else, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

They are FLEXIBLE, and do all they can to accommodate and fit you in, especially since they understand you really need their help. I have had chronic neck and back pain (due to painful muscle spasms), but this has greatly subsided due to regular visits (when/if needed).

What I really appreciate is how they try to EDUCATE you as well on what is going on, what may be causing the pain and how to try to avoid ‘triggers’. DR. G is AWESOME. He is very patient, and has a gentle but firm way about ‘fixing’ you 🙂

Although initially I needed to come in due to spasms and pain (reactive), i was soon able to avoid that through regular visits (more proactive). And soon after coming regularly, i was then able to decrease the appts and only come when I felt the need. And they do NOT try to make you come in just for the $$ like other Chiros out there – they really care about your health and only recommend what is right for you!!

Maria (office manager) is also exactly what you expect when you call for great service. She always has such a great attitude, and is helpful when it comes to validating insurance benefits for you, estimating your amounts due, etc.

Because of my hectic schedule, there were times I had to come in Saturdays and they could fit you in when you called that same morning! DR. THOMPSON was easily able to transition to see me when Dr. G was not in. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

The docs here are SKILLED at what they do, and this office truly is all about POSITIVE ENERGY. When there are many to choose from, why not go where you feel welcomed and valued as a customer?! They are the BEST!

Nova M.
San Diego, Ca


I’m a pretty religious surfer. Out of 365 days a year…I prob surf 360.

However, surfing this frequently comes with its aches and pains. Specifically upper neck and sometimes lower back. Dr. Goldstein’s treatments have miraculously kept me in the water throughout the years.

I would highly recommend his services!

Bryant T.
Encinitas, Ca


My teenage son hurt his back while working out and Dr. Goldstein did a magnificent job treating him. Not only was he able to access and treat my son’s injury, he was able to diagnose congenital problems that needed correction in order for him to have a strong healthy back. Dr. Goldstein is kind, honest, and compassionate. He took the time to fully explain his method of treatment to both my son and I and kept me informed as to how he was progressing. His office and staff are warm, friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend his services.

Cathy C.
Encinitas, Ca


Dr. Goldstein is a true professional. I first saw him on a recommendation after a horrible experience with a chiropractor that tried to take me for my money with a contract, etc. I was unable to use the stairs to his office on the way in & on the way out, I took the stairs down! He was able to efficiently identify my issue(s) & correct them on the spot, without making me come back to sit through a class first or put me on auto pay for weekly visits through 2015. The refreshing approach of “building relationships” (his words) rather than collecting patients is very much appreciated by me! I firmly believe that Dr. G will refer you to someone else before he will take your $$ for something he knows he can’t fix and that friends is rare!

Simply put, I have & will continue to recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone!

Noah J.
La Mesa, Ca


I have been going there for about 4 years and I must say that they do way more than just back adjustments they do so much more to make you feel better.

As a former NFL player my body has taken some good damage and I have been to many chiros but all the others seem generic in the sense that they they just adjust you and off you go. But all the staff at Head Neck & Spine Center of San Diego are amazing from the minute you call the Office Manager is very polite and explains the things you need to do before go to their office, and once you are there you are feel like you have been there for years even though it’s your first visit.

If your body ever feels out of wack and you know that things don’t feel normal most likely your body needs an adjustment. I’ve been there for pretty much everything that my body could possibly need like a big headache, neck pain, sinus problems, leg problems, back problems ect…you name it and I’ve been there to get treatment for it, and I always leave feeling so much better than when I got there. The other great thing is that they also do work for little kids! I take my 5 and 3 year about 2 times a month because you know kids are rough and their little bodies need some fixing and sometimes when they have headaches or cold like symptoms I take them and later in the day they the are better.

Overall the whole staff are fantastic and not only take care of your body but also make sure that when you leave every possible question you have has been answered so that you don’t leave with any doubts.

I recommend it to everyone because I know once you’re their patient every other chiropractor out there will come 2nd to the Head Neck & Spine Center of San Diego.

Cesar M.
San Diego, Ca


I found Dr. Goldstein 10 years ago and others can’t compare! Great rapport with patients, awesome adjustments even through pregnancy and detailed attention to the source of the pain. My hips are the hardest adjustment and many others aren’t nearly as capable. Great care is given and you’ll put yourself in good hands with this practice!

Crisi O.
Discovery Bay, Ca


I owned a sports massage clinic in La Jolla and was searching for a chiropractor that was both skilled and caring. In the world of chiropractors, there are many that I would not recommend. There are Chiropractors who completely over treat the patients, and those that are way to far out in left field, in my opinion.

I met Dr. Goldstein in 2005, received a treatment from him(standard procedure before I refer anyone, anywhere), and it was obvious that he was extremely skilled, and very knowledgeable. As a believer in complementing chiropractic with manual therapies such as massage, I was happy to learn that Dr G. and his team were completely on board with this!

We enjoyed a great cross referral relationship for many years, before I moved to Florida, and EVERY patient we referred had only positive feedback for Dr. G., and his staff.

Besides being a great chiropractor, Dr. G., is a great person, with a great family! So, if you are wondering which chiropractor to choose, I recommend you give the team at the Head, Neck and Spine Center a try.

Chris C.
La Jolla, Ca


I have been seeing Dr. Goldstein for over 6 years for my chiropractic care. When I first started treatments, I was seeing him 2-3 times per week, was on prescription drugs and had migraines 3-5 times per week. After working on my neck and back for a few years the pain was greatly reduced in my neck and head and we got the migraines down to about 1-2 times per week. Then I started combining massage with my chiropractic care which greatly improved my results. After 6 years of treatment, through college, marriage, and a pregnancy, and having Dr. Goldstein adjust me regularly, I am down to only having to see him once a week or once every other week for maintenance. I am no longer taking prescription drugs, and I have been getting migraines only about 3-4 times per month (which is amazing for me)! Dr. Goldstein truly cares about his patients, how they feel, and if the treatments are working for them. He doesn’t just come in and adjust me the same way every time, he figures out where my problem areas are that day and helps put me back into place. This gives me so much relief that I would never change chiropractors. Before Dr. Goldstein I went to several chiropractors that just came into the room, cracked my neck and was done. They didn’t recommend stretching, massage or any exercises at all, and this is what makes a difference in the treatment you get at Head Neck & Spine Center of San Diego. I have referred several friends and family to Dr. Goldstein and I would highly suggest anyone with neck, back and especially migraine problems see Dr Goldstein! He has improved my life dramatically. Thanks Dr. Goldstein!

Shannon V.
San Diego, Ca


I first went to Dr. Goldstein at the Head Neck & Spine Center for intense lower back that came and went every so often. This time, the pain was the worst so far and wasn’t going away. Within a couple of sessions, he had me fixed right up. I’ve always been reluctant about seeing a chirpractor, but Dr. G and his staff were so friendly and put me right at ease. I’ve now been pain free for almost 2 years!

April V.
San Diego, Ca


Amazing service and people! I was in a slip and fall accident at work and few days later I was in a car accident. I was so confused because both accident insurance businesses wanted me to separate the different pains and injures. I was overwhelmed with paperwork I thought I was going to have to do it all alone. I thought that a first step to treatment was to go to a chiropractor because my back and neck was in a lot of pain and I found Dr. Goldstein’s business on Google and just my luck Dr. Goldstein was fantastic. He helped me in every way possible. I appreciate everything that him and his staff has helped me with. My neck and back feel amazing after the treatment of adjustments. I recommend this chiropractor because he has been my breath of fresh air within all this craziness .

Lisa Y.
La Jolla, Ca(UCSD)


Dr. Goldstein is great. I am an avid golfer and work out extensively. Those two things, combined with my career as a corporate lawyer who sits in front of a computer several hours every day, result in regular back/neck issues. I’ve been to Dr. Goldstein a few times and he’s done wonders for my back/neck. In addition, he is very punctual, which is a must given my busy schedule. All that, combined with very friendly staff members makes me happy to recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone with Chiropractic needs.

Amit S.
La Jolla, Ca


If you have any neck or back issues, Dr. Goldstein is your Chiro Doctor that you have to see. Dr. G. will not only make you feel better, he will improve your overall health.

I’ve been seeing Dr. G since September of last year, I haven’t felt this good & strong in a long time. I’m pretty active. I play alot of golf, work out 3 to 5 times a week, & run a few marathons. My sciatica acts up now & then which gives me lower back problems. Dr. G has helped treat my pain and improve my athletic performance in all my activities. Thank you Dr. Goldstein!!

Matty R.
San Diego, Ca


I am an acupuncturist in La Jolla and want to share my experience when I find a really amazing practitioner!! Although I wasn’t in a lot of pain that day, I came in to see Dr. Goldstein for a maintenance treatment. He took the time to listen to my health history and explain everything he was doing. He discovered causes of injuries I’ve been having for years!!

At the beginning I was able to relax with a warm heat pack on the areas he was going to work on…followed by AMAZING adjustments! I literally walked out of his office floating and feeling completely in balance. I will most definitely not only send my family and friends to him but I completely trust sending my patients to him for the highest quality care.


Julia S.
La Jolla, Ca