Causes of shoulder pain

Jul 07
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What causes shoulder pain?
The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints in the body and is vitally important in everyday life; as such, it can become the host of many problems. The shoulder joint needs a large number of small muscles and ligaments to achieve the huge range of motion it enjoys, and is therefore easy to injure due to strains, muscle spasms, and misaligned bones. Pain in the shoulders can also come from pinched nerves in the neck; the nerves, which allow for movement and sensation in the arms and shoulders, come from the neck and can be greatly affected by a subsequent vertebral misalignment. Shoulder injuries can occur during sporting activities, auto accidents, childcare, prolonged computer use, and manual labor, just to name a few.

Though the most obvious symptom of a shoulder injury is pain directly in the shoulder joint there are other symptoms that may crop up; any one of the symptoms listed below is a reason for a checkup:

  • Pain in the shoulder joint
  • Mid-back pain
  • Numbness in the arm or hand
  • Tingling in the arm or hand
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of range of motion

Treatment and Recovery
Since the shoulder is such a complex joint there are several levels of treatment that can be applied. Here at the Head Neck and Spine Center we can treat most mild to moderate shoulder pain with spinal manipulation, heat therapy, ultrasound, electromuscular stimulation, therapeutic massage, and corrective exercises. Our doctors have years of knowledge in diagnosing joint pain, and can treat in house or can provide you with an easy referral for more aggressive treatments. We have access to an array of other specialties, including orthopedic surgeons, pain management, and imaging facilities. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above please call our office for a free consultation!